Keeping deer out of gardens and away from desirable plants can be a challenge. Unfortunately, there are a lot of disreputable companies out there aiming to capitalize on property owners’ frustrations that sell products claiming to offer miracle cures. The reality, though, is that rugged deer fencing is and likely always will be the most effective way to prevent damage. Read on to find out about what to look for in a deer fence to learn more.

The Right Material

Deer fences should be designed to last for years, if not decades. They should be constructed out of a strong, durable material such as UV stable polypropylene that will hold up to even extreme seasonal weather changes and storms.

The Right Color

Deer fences don’t have to draw a ton of attention to themselves in order to be effective. Choosing a black fence will offer the highest level of visual appeal as well as the best form of protection, as it will blend with the landscape no matter what time of year it is.

The Right Price

Although deer fencing is designed to serve a unique purpose, that shouldn’t mean that it costs so much that property owners will have to break their budgets in order to install it. Expect to pay slightly more for effective deer fences than cheaply made and much shorter chain link fences, but don’t shell out a fortune for them.

A Humane Solution

Some property owners choose to install electric fences. This both detracts from the appearance of the property and functions as a very inhumane solution. Deer are almost certain to get hurt or even killed when they come into contact with electricity, so property owners who are just looking to keep them away from their crops should focus their searches for a solution on non-electric means of deer control.

Property owners can also set out white warning flags when they first set up their new fences to prevent accidents. Deer are known to follow the same paths repeatedly, so if they’ve gotten used to bounding through a property unrestrained they may wind up injuring themselves on the new fence if they can’t see it. Once they’ve gotten used to its presence, the white flags can be removed without causing the potential for accidents and injuries.